For her dissertation research, Maryrose Bredhauer, a Master’s student from King’s College London, travelled to Nairobi late last year with the aim to explore the scope for transformational adaptation in the urban informal settlement of Kibera slum, one of the largest slums in the world.

Ibadan, Nigeria, a city that has experienced devastating high winds and flooding (Photo: David Dodman/IIED)

At a meeting of community organisations in Ibadan, Nigeria, local government officials and academics explored how to deal with the risks facing Africa's urban poor. Challenging long-held assumptions about how African cities work – and who holds the power – will be key to tackling the build-up of risk.

Urban ARK is delighted to announce Jamilla Harper, Asscoiate Director of Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), Kenya as an Elijah Agevi Fellow.

Mathias Spaliviero explains the CityRAP Tool methodology
 International Alert and KDI conducting research in Kibera under the Urban ARK programme

 L’an 2016, le 13 juin s’est tenu dans la salle polyvalente de la Faculté d’Agronomie de l’Université Abdou Moumouni, un atelier d’échange entre les partenaires de Urban ARK.


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