The Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK) Programme continues to have significant policy impact two years after the official project completion.


There have been formal commitments by national governments to empower Local Governments (LGs) to undertake practical DRR actions as part of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk (SFDDR) (2015-2030

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This publication covers a range of disaster risk management (DRM) themes, from community participation in DRM data collection to risk mapping and from urban waste management to hazard accumulation

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In African cities, orienting risk management towards a developmental agenda can

confront the root causes of poverty and risk. Transition to an integrated approach has

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Many cities in sub-Saharan Africa lack official records of deaths and of serious illnesses and injuries from everyday hazards and disaster events at all scales.

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Dominant global climate change narratives and framings frequently do not translate well into local adaptation decision making.

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Small- and medium-sized cities and towns in sub-Saharan Africa are growing fast and accumulating risks.