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This publication covers a range of disaster risk management (DRM) themes, from community participation in DRM data collection to risk mapping and from urban waste management to hazard accumulation


Mark Pelling

Karonga has a sub-tropical climate which is relatively dry. The rainy season runs from November/December to April the following year, and the dry season from June to October.


Pasquini, L; van Aardenne, L

Dans l’histoire de la pensée des sciences humaines, la pression démographique sur les ressources d’une communauté a fait l’objet de plusieurs écrits.


Boubacar Soumana

This chapter is a counterpoint to those in the rest of this volume that treat Africa’s large cities.



Ben Wisner, Mark Pelling, Adolfo Mascarenhas, Ailsa Holloway, Babacar Ndong, Papa Faye, Jesse Ribot, and David Simon

Populations and assets, in African cities, small and large, are among the most vulnerable to disaster risk globally. Climate change and demographic shifts add urgency and uncertainty.



Ibidun Adelekan, Cassidy Johnson, Mtafu Manda, et al
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