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The lack of systematic and homogenous records of people being impacted by everyday hazards and disaster events at all scales in many African cities is a major limitation to effective planning for r


Ibidun Adelekan

In recent years, lives and property worth millions of dollars have been destroyed in fire disasters in secondary schools around  the world.

Urban flooding cannot be avoided entirely and in all areas, particularly in coastal cities. Therefore adaptation to the growing risk is necessary.

Climate change continues to amplify vulnerability in low-income communities across Nairobi, with many urban livelihoods at great risk to the impacts of flooding.


Patrick Tarbuck

For the global humanitarian community, disaster risk is most concerning in developing countries where natural hazards are increasingly threatening their fragile economies and the lives, health, and


Pedro Carrera Pena

Nairobi has a subtropical highlands climate.

This document provides a summary of the historic climate at Karonga and how it is projected to change into the future due to anthropogenic climate change.

Dar es Salaam has a tropical climate with relatively warm temperatures, high humidity, and annual rainfall over 1000 mm.

Dar es Salaam is located on the Tanzanian coast and has a tropical climate with relatively high temperatures, high humidity and annual rainfall over 1000 mm.

On estime à 11,2 milliards de tonnes le volume déchets solides collectés dans le monde entier chaque année.


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