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The ability to rapidly mine large climate datasets as multi-disciplinary processes evolve in a particular context is becoming increasing critical.  It is a significant obstacle to multi-disciplinar


Chris Jack

Building on the special treatment required for biomedical wastes (BMW) due to associated health and environmental risks, this paper examines the historic evolution of legal framework for biomedical


Dieng, C,. Mberu, B., Dimbuene, Z., Faye, C., Amugsi, D., Aboderin, I

In this paper, we use analytical review methodology to examine integrated environmental management and sector specific policies in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya’s two biggest cities, to highlight the


Dickson A. Amugsi, Jane N. Mwangi, Tilahun Nigatu Haregu, Isabella Aboderin, Kanyiva Muindi, Blessing Mberu

Among the issues that stunt the move towards proper solid waste management (SWM), and which have received little research attention is the role of conflict and criminal activities in the sector.


Kanyiva Muindi; Blessing Mberu, Isabella Aboderin, Tilahun Haregu and Dickson Amugsi

Solid Waste Management in Urban Africa: Methodological Approaches to Data Collection on Vulnerability, Capacity and Loss Assessment in Nairobi, Mombasa and Dakar: Methodological Guidance Notes 


Dickson Amugsi, Kanyiva Muindi, Blessing Mberu

Karonga Community Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis: methodological guidance notes


Mtafu Manda

This study assesses the scope for transformative adaptation in Kibera informal settlement,

Nairobi. Adaptation discourse theories and Pelling et al’s (2015) ‘adaptation activity space’


Juliette Domon

Le rapport présente les résultats d’une étude Baseline sur l’Analyse de l’Economie des Ménages Urbains (HEA Urbain) à risque d’inondation de la ville de Niamey au Niger.


Oumarou Haladou Issoufou, Nora Lecumberri


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