ReMapRisk is a community-led methodology developed by Urban ARK researchers based at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL) and applied in two city contexts (Karonga, Malawi and Freetown, Sierra Leone) as a means of documenting cycles of urban risk accumulation or ‘risk traps’ to support grounded and informed action planning. 

CityRAP image

The CityRAP (Resilience Action Program) tool is a step by step process, elaborated by UN-Habitat and DiMSUR, composed by a set of training workshops, participatory exercises and field activities that provides a path for urban resilience action planning.

Complexities of mapping resilience (F.Taylor)

WhyDAR is a multi-disciplinary research project bringing together practitioners and academics interested in investigating the multiple, and sometimes contradictory, perspectives which exist on urban resilience paying attention to the ways in which science and expertise are mobilized in these. There are interesting synergies between WhyDAR and Urban ARK, particulary our research in Nairobi. The projects are collaborating in various ways to further build our community of practice.